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Page added on February 15, 2010

Introductory Course / Bhakta Programme

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Dear Devotees,

I am writing to you on behalf Manor Training and Education Department [MTE] and Bhaktivedanta Manor Brahmacari Ashram to join us for our next Bhakta Programme – introductory education in Krishna Consciousness philosophy and practice.

This is a three month residential course starting on the 12th April 2010 and completing on the 20th June 2010.

For more information, please see below, as well as poster. If it is possible could you please display the poster on your notice board. Thank you.

the movie (just in case you were unable to open the attachment)…

Please note there are limited places on this course and there is an application form to be completed and sent back by 28th March 2010.

Spiritualized Living

Learn simple living, high thinking, experience the spirituality of the temple morning program, learn to play Indian musical instruments, meet other students, temple devotees and make new friends and so much more.

The Bhakta Program to gain new skills and experience

Classes and workshops will be held 4 days a week with accompanying general temple services i.e. cleaning, support in the kitchen and assisting a number of festivals.

And on other days acquire new or improve upon your existing skills and experience in the following areas; book distribution, university and home visit programs, street procession (Harinam), food distribution, farming and milking cows, cooking and deity services etc.


A nominal charge of £150 will be asked for the course to cover basic costs of study materials, clothing etc. Concessions or sponsorships can be available for those with limited resources.

The syllabus

The syllabus of the Introductory Course / Bhakta Course is as follows:

Students will take part in general temple service duties and festivals together with their classroom studies.

Each Student will cover 3 handbooks entitled Devotional Practice, Theology & Philosophy, and Vaishnava Culture.

A) Devotional Practice Covers:

1: Devotional Service

2: Daily Schedule & Appearance

3: Four Principles

4: Hearing and Chanting: Tips and Pitfalls

5: Deity Worship: Tulasi Worship

6: Holy Days and Festivals

7: Preaching, Paramapara and ISKCON

8: Cleanliness and Etiquette

B) Theology & Philosophy covers:

1: The Existence of God

2: The Search for the Absolute Truth / 3 pramanas / 4 defects

3: “You Are Not the Material Body”

4: Faith

5: The Three Aspects of the Absolute Truth

6: Krishna: The Supreme Absolute Truth / The Five Primary Rasas

7: The Three Energies of the Lord

8: The Creation / Universal Time

9: Perceiving Krishna in His Creation

10: The Three Modes of Material Nature / the Law of Karma / Re-incarnation

11: Death & Liberation

C) Vaisnava Culture Covers:

1: ISKCON’s Cultural Identity

2: The Vedas

3: The Four Varnas

4: The Four Ashrams

5: Respect: The Basis of Civilisation

6: Ethics and Morality

7: Relating to Devotees with Due Respect

8: Relating to seniors, juniors, and Peers

9: Receiving a Guest

10: Fellowship and Association

11: Three Levels of Devotees

12: Offences to the Vaishnavas

13: Twenty-Six Qualities of a Devotee

To commend success in completing the course, students will be awarded Introductory Course certificates.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada

Kanhaiya Das

Manor Training & Education

Bhaktivedanta Manor

Hilfield Lane,




WD25 8EZ


Daytime phone number: 07930 464 750 / 01923 851 000

Bhaktivedanta Manor website:

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