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Page added on December 12, 2009

Lifestyle Management

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The world has changed significantly in the previous two decades. Lifestyle choices which were once the reserve of an elite few in society are now accepted as the norm. Indeed, for any society to advance new practices and ideals need to be both studied and subsequently embraced.

The practice of yoga was first disclosed in the ‘Yoga-sutras’ of Patanjali Muni, c.300 BC. Despite such ancient roots, the recent inclusion of free yoga classes on the NHS reaffirms the immense benefits yoga provides for ones strength, flexibility and stress levels. Thus we see that in order to move forward, often we may need to look back.

The Tattva lifestyle management course also provides guidance on how to adopt sustainable and healthy living choices. Using the ‘Vedic Personality Index (VPI)’ we will examine how to build on our strengths and identify and overcome our weaknesses.

This course, developed exclusively by Tattva, offers the participant the unique opportunity to learn the art of successful lifestyle management based on tried and tested principles from the East. Such teachings sustain and nourish the lives of millions of people all over the world to this very day. We invite you, therefore, to explore new and exciting ways to make your life more productive and happier.

This course consists of the following four sessions:

1. Going nowhere fast

An examination into the emerging dichotomy of materialism vs spirituality. Which is the best to fulfill our aims in life for future success and happiness?

2. Mantra yoga & meditation

The ancient practice of yoga and meditation examined. We look into the benefits to mind, body and soul and how these can help to achieve success in all life pursuits.

3. Inner & world peace

The popular saying goes ÒWe are what we eatÓ. Using violence to survive only leads to global chaos. An open and honest look into achieving long-lasting world peace.

4. Power of habits

90% of our lives are based on habits. Easy to get into and difficult to stop, by choosing positive habits we can avoid many potential difficulties in life.

© 2008 Tattva Spiritual Lifestyle Solutions

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