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    ISKCON Educational Service staffs are trained in giving presentations on all aspects of Hinduism, either from a broad perspective or from our own standpoint within the tradition. Whether we are hosting you at our temple or visiting your school, our teaching programmes are tailor-made to suit your specific requirements.

    INSET/ Initial Teacher Training

    Presentations to Primary Schools

    Opportunities available

    Iskcon Educational Services offers a range of opportunities to RE advisers and other educationalists involved in In-Service Training. Similar programmes are also available to RE lecturers and groups of trainee teachers.

    IES staffs are all practicing Hindus and simultaneously well experienced in Western thought and culture. They are also familiar with the educational world and it`s ethos, as well as some of the challenges that RE faces.

    Their services are available either at your workplace or at the temple.

    Programmes at your School, College, University or Teachers Centre

    Our lecturers can help in three principal ways, as follows:

  • Teaching about Hinduism

  • 1. To enhance teachers` own knowledge and understanding of Hinduism (Which is difficult to glean simply from textbooks) and to give them confidence in teaching it.

    2. To make sense of the great diversity of belief and practices found within the tradition.

    3. To help teachers to come to grips with unfamiliar terms and concepts.

    4. On any number of subjects ranging from Vedanta philosophy to Hinduism in Britain today.


  • Helping R.E. staff develop ideas for teaching
  • 1. To demonstrate how Hinduism provides material for colourful and exiting learning

    2. To share experiences and ideas for teaching

    3. To help teachers make the faith accessible and yet avoid trivialisation or misrepresentation

    4. To explore through demonstration the use of story, dressing-up, the arti ceremony and Hindu culture on such topics as animals, weather, customs, food, dress, music, art, buildings, holy men, religious beliefs and rituals, moral issues and so on)

    5. To help teachers develop practical skills, useful in classroom, such as stringing of flower garlands or making divas using traditional ghee wicks.

    6. To explore the use of artefacts and relevant literature

    7. For the specialist and non-specialist at all Key stages.


  • Displaying and Supplying Artefacts & Literature
  • 1. Take-away support materials

    2. A display of quality books, artefacts with possibilities to discuss their use and significance


    Service Charges

    Travel expenses: by car; 50p/mile or by public transport: refund of tickets etc.

    £30-£60 / hour (all charges are subject to VAT@ 17.5%)


    Getting in Touch

    If you are interested, then please contact:
    Kirtida Dasi
    ISKCON (Newcastle), 304 Westgate Road Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 6AR
    Tel: 0191 2721911

    Books, Artefacts and Resources
     ISKCON Educational Services offers a selection of books and artefacts to help support RE teachers. These are available through mail order. Please ring for more details on 0191 272 1911

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