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Meet Us

Bhakti Rasa Dasa was born and bred in Newcastle. He is married to Kirtida Devi Dasi and has served in ISKCON Newcastle since 1988, helping to develop and establish the centre. He currently acts as a resident priest and teacher of Bhakti Yoga and oversees the activities of the centre.

Bhakti Rasa Dasa

Kirtida Devi Dasi - was born in Helsinki, Finland and has practiced Bhakti-Yoga since 1986. She serves as the director of ISKCON Educational Services in the North-East and also a resident priest in ISKCON Newcastle Centre.

Kirtida Devi Dasi

Dhananjaya Dasa gives enlightening lectures on Vedic scriptures on Sunday programs. He also teaches in Newcastle College. It's an wonderful experience to listen to his sweet devotional songs in praise of Lord Krishna.

Whether it is decorating the altar with flowers or leading a melodious kirtana (devotional song), or preaching to a newcomer, Saraswati Devi Dasi is always present with her natural enthusiasm and devotion for the Lord.

Krishan Mistry

Prahlada Dasa

Madhu Sevita Dasa



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