Atma Yoga
Atma Yoga - All Yoga comes from the Vedas, and the Vedas offer the following conclusion: The purpose of human life is to understand the Absolute Truth.

Class Styles
Atma Yoga classes offer three distinct styles of yoga linked together with underlying technologies that are exclusive to Atma Yoga.

Soul Mate Yoga

   Date: Saturday 26th November
   Time: 6-10 pm
   Venue: ISKCON Newcastle Centre

The event:
Sign in - 7pm: registration, declaration of life-long commitment (please arrive on time)
Chill time - music, candles, pillows, tea, sweets, introduction
Warm up - partner yoga with simple variations for any level of ability
Heat up - pranayama for partners
Melting zone - partner meditations, mantrics, and advanced prana exchange
Celebration - sacred foods, divine music, parting gifts. (10:00 pm close)
Price: £45 per couple. Dress romantic casual - be prepared to do some yoga. This event is exclusively for couples who already have a life-long commitment.
If you and your loved one have been looking for a way to take your relationship to a new dimension this is the night that will do it. This event is the worldwide premiere of yogic technologies that have not been activated anywhere in modern time. Recent shifts in the collective consciousness of the planet have released these powerful practices now available exclusively through Atma Yoga.

Mantra Therapy
This magical event will take you to an altered state you will be unlikely to forget. Experience paired mantra meditations for an eight hour day of unimaginable beauty.

Yoga Therapy
What would you be like without: Anger, Fear, Frustration, Anxiety, Depression? Come experience this revolutionary yoga technology that can heal your mind.